This is one of the oldest temples in Hanamkonda, Warangal, AP, India, built by Kakatiya Kings.

The Kakatiya Kings ruled this area in and around the Hanamkonda for few centuries. They have so many temples built in their time. Thousand Pillar Temple, Ramappa Temple,  Swayambhu Temple, Sidheshwara Temple and Padmakshi Temple are few to name. Their interest was to bring the spiritual awareness in the lives of people for many generations to come. Their dreams still flourish and the history still seen on their temple sculptures and temple walls.
The Goddess Padmakshi fondly called as "Amma" by local people. The meaning of Amma in local language Telugu is Mother. She is considered as Mother of Mothers. That is why she is popularly known as "Padmakshamma". She resides on the top of a hill (called Gutta in local language).

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Welcome move: The historic Padmakshi temple in Hanamkonda that would be developed into a tourist spot. –
WARANGAL: Padmakshi temple, one of the historic sites of the town looks forlorn and deserted. People fear to tread this way which is full of wild thorny bushes. Once a year, this is the place where lakhs of women throng to celebrate the famous Batukamma festival and immerse the flowers in the pond at the foot of the Padmakshi hillock. The temple and its surroundings would wear altogether a new look and now people can frequent this historic temple round the year. The State government has sanctioned Rs. 43.68 lakhs for beautification and development of this site into a tourist spot. Speaking to The Hindu, town Mayor E. Swarna said they plan install railing along the steps leading to the temple atop the hill, strengthen the steps by carving them further, develop a garden at the foot of the hillock and arrange for drinking water. “We plan to create some space over the hill around the temple by levelling on top. Electrification of the entire area is part of the massive plan. It is also planned to see if we could lay a paved road for vehicles to reach the temple,” she explained.
The pond would be revived to its past glory by revetment and a strengthened bund all around. Steps would be constructed to enable women to immerse the Batukamma during the Dasara festival. With the fresh plans to turn the Padmakshi temple into a tourist spot, the whole area is expected to wear a beautiful look which would also put an end to the woes of people living around.

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There are also References of Padmakshi Temple in Google Books under Vijayanagara Voices. In Prataparudra Charitham, they have talked about how Padmakshi Amma gave a devine Sword to King Madhava Varma. Here is the Link.
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