Navarathri (Durgashtami):
Local people celeberate this as the main festival event every year nine days before Dussara, which generally comes in October. And also there is a famous local festival called Bathukamma which is celeberated with lot of joy. All ages of women decorate the handmade idle of Durga with different kinds of flowers colourfully and gives her a farewell in Padmakshi lake after performing pooja. It is called as "Bathukamma" in Local people.
The News about Bathukamma Festival Celeberation at Padmakshi Temple in Hindu News Paper:

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WARANGAL: The vehicular traffic came to a standstill with the police diverting it to ensure smooth passage of `Bathukammas' as the thousands of women carrying them proceeded towards the historic Padmakshi temple in Hanamkonda town.

Hundreds and thousands of women and children, attired in their best, surged towards the Padmaskhi temple for the grand finale of the nine-day Bathukamma festival. They carried flowers arranged in conical shape on huge plates of different sizes and shapes. The environs of the Padmakshi temple reverberated with the folk numbers rendered by the women playing Bathukamma.

The entire Hanamkonda town was spruced up and beautifully lit on the occasion. It wore a festive look. As it a festival exclusively observed by women, men were barred from entering the precincts of Padmakshi temple as a measure to prevent chain snatching and other untoward incidents. The police made elaborate security arrangements for smooth conduct of the celebrations.


Padmakshi Teppothsavam 2016:

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Batukamma 2016 @ padmakshi temple, thanks to V6 news:

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